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How To Take Your Food Pics Up A Level

The Food Aficionado Smart Brief: Volume 4


Welcome back to another edition of The Food Aficionado Smart Brief. We hope your Thanksgiving and Weekend went well! Instagram has become littered with food aficionados, which means in order to stand out, you need to make sure your pictures are at their highest possible quality. Now, Bonji is here to provide some quick tips to help take your food pictures to the next level!


Helpful Tips For Taking Food Pictures:


1. Use Natural Lighting Whether you can make it outside or are standing near a window, natural lighting is an absolute must for high-quality pictures. You'd be surprised at how much natural lighting will make your photos “pop” and truly remove the drab feeling created around the food. The example below shows the darker, not-so-flattering first picture under artificial lights. The second image on the right is the same acai bowl but near a window, allowing the natural light to do all the “editing” you'll need!


Bonji Acai Bowl
Acai Bowl - Indoor Lighting

Bonji Acai Bowl
Acai Bowl - Natural Lighting


2. Take Photos at 90 Degree Angles Whether this angle is directly on the side or directly above, 90-degree angles are often the best for food pictures. There are definitely cases in which a 45-degree angle would look the best, but this mainly applies to drinks and is pretty rare. In general, the most colorful food will look best from above, but something like a burger may look its best from the side. Looking at the examples below, it shows that some coconut bowls look their best from the side, but the top angle does it justice as well! Bottom line… try out your angles!

Bonji coconut acai bowl with apples and nutella and honey
Bonji Coconut Bowl - 45 Degree Angle

Bonji coconut acai bowl with peanut butter and catalina crunch and once again nut butter
Bonji Coconut Bowl - Side 90 Degree Angle



3. Eliminate The Busy Background The composition of your photography will often play a major key in how the overall picture looks. Although angles play a role here as well, we can focus on the background in this section. It's sometimes the last thing we think about because we just want to take the picture and move on, but backgrounds can be extremely distracting. You can find a ton of cheap, solid backgrounds online or you can spice it up yourself; nothing should take away from your delicious-looking food! It may seem easy to tell in these examples, but a background that is simple, and also decorative works well.

Bonji coconut pint with pineapple
Coconut Pint With a Busy Background


acai bowl Bonji
Acai Bowls - Decorative Background


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