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Have a Recipe You Want Produced?

Bonji Foods has the capability to co-pack your products! Any sorbet-like product, we have you covered. From acai to dairy-free ice cream, Bonji will produce and package your goods. We've had our fair share of experience with other co-packers in the past, and let us be the first to say, it's a struggle. Wether it's dealing with extreme mandatory minimums, unreasonable pricing, or unreliable run and delivery times, the co-packing business is a pain. That's exactly why Bonji dove into the manufacturing world and wants to help those in need of quality production. 

Take the hassle out of manufacturing and partner with the best! Bonji has a certified quality assurance program and a dedicated team to help produce the world's best sorbet products. Partner with us today and you will never need another manufacturer!

A minimum of 60 3-gallon tubs per month must be met in order to custom formulate and produce.

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