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Custom Blends

Your In-House Acai Made Ready-To-Serve

Through the years, we realized that many restauranteurs and cafe owners make their acai and other sorbets in-house. This may be with blending acai packs and adding sugars, fruits, or other ingredients to create a delicious bowl. Although this does often form a scrumptious meal, owners need to realize that this takes TIME and MONEY to accomplish. We understand that owners want to keep their unique blends and don't always want to switch to our craft acai. Thus, Bonji Foods has the perfect solution! Instead of paying for the labor, ingredients, and time, let our team of recipe developers work alongside you to create your in-house blend in a ready-to-serve form. We pride ourselves on matching formulas, beating typical pricing, and overall making the ready-to-serve acai of your dreams. We've helped owners design and deliver the best bowls possible, and if you need to save on labor, purchasing, and the bottom line, we are here for you. 

All proprietary formulas will remain a secret!

A minimum of 60 3-gallon tubs per month must be met in order to custom formulate and produce.


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