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Quality Assurance

Bonji Foods may produce the best acai and sorbets in the world, but we truly want to go above and beyond. With a certified HACCP plan, quality assurance and control is our number one priority. At the end of the day, what's better than safe and delicious food!?


HACCP means hazard analysis and critical control points. HACCP is an approach to food safety that is systematic and preventative. It is an internationally recognized food safety plan and is required by many governments. The Bonji quality team is led by a certified HACCP manager, with the entire production staff receiving training. In addition to the HACCP plan, we work closely with our vendors to monitor the ingredients we use. Starting with the raw organic acai, which is ethically sourced from Brazil, all the way to the microbiologically tested coconut cream, Bonji pledges to do what it takes to safely deliver your products. Over the course of the year, so many wonderful people enjoy our products, thus, we do everything in our power to ensure their acai and other sorbets are safe and, of course, delicious.

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