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Juice Bars

Aside from being the fastest-growing type of restaurant, juice bars have established themselves as true players in the food space. In fact, Bonji Foods was even originally founded as a juice bar in New Jersey. However, after seeing the struggles of operations, we set out to change the industry. We want to be the stabilizing factor for juice bars, alleviating the worries of inventory management, poor communication with vendors, and rising costs of goods. Thus, Bonji Foods was born, with a team vision to revolutionize the industry, offering support to juice bars that they've never seen before.


Impeccable Customer Service

We understand the complications that go into operating a juice bar, it's not easy! Between ordering fruit and bowl bases, like açaí and pitaya, vendors are constantly giving trouble. Sometimes, you can't even get a producer on the phone or reach their accurate emails. At Bonji, we take customer service to a sophisticated level, pouring all of our efforts into ensuring juice bars around the country are satisfied. When problems do arise, we are quick to fix any issue and are prepared to work with juice bar owners like no other company would even think.


Growth Opportunity

We've seen many stand-alone juice bars absolutely crush when joining the Bonji family. In time, those single shops turn into 2, 3, 4+ locations! We want you to know that we are ready to grow right alongside you. Our capabilities allow us to continue providing juice bars with amazing service and a superior products for any amount of locations. Looking ahead, we aim to be providing juice bars with consistent top-tier service for many years to come.


Inventory Management

One thing that seems to be a trouble for many juice bars is properly handling inventory management. However, our close connections with owners and managers allow us to assist with the ordering process daily. A dedicated team member will help organize delivery dates and ensure your juice bar has what it needs to succeed each and every week.

Citrus Fruits

Let's Work Together

Feel free to email or call us 7 days a week, at any hour of the day! We want to be there for you every step of the way.

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