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Like our family, you've probably found a strong demand for plant-based alternatives to traditional menu items. Acai bowls are good for your health, weight loss, or simply as an innovative vegan alternative for dairy products. However, we aren't your usual acai brand or food supplier. Our revolutionary acai stands on a pedestal and simply has no comparisons.

Seamlessly add vegan, plant-based Smoothie Bowls to your menu as a Yogurt Parfait alternative or a healthy, dairy-free dessert. Our acai has the lowest sugar content while maintaining an excellent taste. Bonji coconut, pitaya, and acai are produced in three-gallon wholesale tubs that have a scoopable texture you have never experienced before. Simply scoop and finish with your desired toppings to fit your restaurant's model. 

We spent years developing and crafting the first and only gourmet smoothie bowl base. With a rich, silky mouthfeel, antioxidants, and healthy fats that will naturally energize your customers for the rest of the day, this is a can't miss vegan alternative menu item that requires little labor. Truly crafted to crave, your customers will flock to the sight of this distinctively delicious acai bowl.

Email our team at Bonji Foods directly with any questions or to schedule a tasting, we will respond within 24 hours


Acai Wholesale - Sambazon - Bonji Foods
Sambazon Acai - Acai Wholesale Bonji Foods

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The Perfect Acai Bowl

From New Jersey to California, our acai makes the perfect Bowl, every single time.

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