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Cafes + Coffee Shops

Cafes and coffee shops play an important role in the eatery space. Many think these types of restaurants are small and delicate, but that's not always the case. Cafes are a staple around the world, generally offering smaller food selections and a great environment. While coffee shops act as a gathering place, workspace, or simply a warming environment for a morning cup. Regardless, these establishments have seen overwhelming success with açaí. The ability to quickly scoop a smooth, delicious base into a bowl fits perfectly with the fast-casual atmosphere.

Growth Opportunity

We know how important growth is for many coffee shops and cafes. We've seen plenty of them skyrocket and open up multiple locations. Reasonably, this may cause a little concern about consistency and quality. However, when working with Bonji, we promise to not only always be by your side, but also grow along with you. Our capabilities allow us to be ultra-competitive on price, while also increasing our output every week.


Impeccable Customer Service

Any cafe or coffee shop has its fair share of daily worries. However, we are here to help in any way possible. Whether that's a good communication system or it's ensuring you are set up for success each week, we want to provide more value than just a gourmet acai. Our sophisticated system allows our team to manage accounts directly, open to help all seven days a week.


Expanding Into New Realms

It can be a touch frightening when offering new menu items, especially something you may have never worked with before. But not to worry, Bonji is here for you. We will assist you in menu creation, freezer capacity, creating marketing materials, and overall work with you consistently to ensure your success.

Let's Work Together

Feel free to email or call us 7 days a week, at any hour of the day! We want to be there for you every step of the way.

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