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Acai bowl - Acai Wholesale

In-House Artisan Blends

More than just a food supplier, we aim to be a true partner that has spent years with renowned bakers, culinary experts, and food developers to perfect smoothie bowl base recipes such as acai, coconut, pitaya, mango-pineapple, and more. We formulate, produce, and completely function in-house. 

Why Bonji?

Our team of food developers has spent years crafting recipes for the smoothest, best-tasting smoothie bowl bases. With full control of our in-house production, we focus on consistent premium quality from farm to final delivery. Scoopability is more than just a texture; it's a time & money saver while ensuring a delicious flavor. It all started with acai, but over time, our core capabilities expanded and allowed us to create innovative flavors that please everyone.

Acai Bowls - Bonji Acai Wholesale
Pitaya and Mango Smoothie Bowl

While being vegan-friendly, Bonji Foods has confidently helped serve over 2,000,000 acai and other smoothie bowls in the past year alone. From Florida to Maine, we are serving the entire East Coast! Although we are always growing, we treat every juice bar, coffee shop, and restaurant as if they were our sole partner. From assisting owners with inventory management to effective cost savings, we take pride in more than just being a distributor. Bonji stands by every restaurant we work with and have successfully helped them exponentially increase their sales. 

From Farm To Your Kitchen

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