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Years have gone into crafting the best Scoopable Acai, Coconut, Pitaya, and Mango-Pineapple smoothie bowl bases. Our gourmet Scoopable Acai is Produced in 3-Gallon Tubs. Easily add any flavor to your restaurant, juice bar, or coffee shop's menu with our help today!

Eating Acai

Our signature sorbets are small batch quality with high volume capability. Our main wholesale flavors include Acai, Coconut, Pitaya (Dragonfruit), and Mango-Pineapple.

At Bonji Foods we've spent years perfecting a flavorful, scoopable consistency that will leave chefs blown away and customers smiling with every serving. Although our specialty is açaí, our production capabilities have allowed us to create an assortment of innovative flavors as smoothie bowl bases. We believe any restaurant, juice bar, or coffee shop has the capabilities and potential to serve the best quality acai bowls on the market. Whether it's acai or another flavor, Bonji pledges to maintain a top-quality product, while offering a true partnership.

Acai Wholesale
Coconut Smoothie Bowl Base
Dragonfruit or Pitaya Smoothie Bowl

This Acai is nothing like anyone has experienced before. The taste of the scoopable acai is far beyond the generic blended recipe. Straight from Brazil, Bonji Acai is the perfect plant-based alternative that is needed in every vegan's diet. Acai wholesale has never been this in-tune with restaurants! Adding this restaurant-quality acai to your menu will not only benefit your sales but also your customers' appreciation for you.

Coconut products have been soaring in the past few years, and we expect this to continue! Our scoopable coconut base not only compliments the acai extremely well but can be used as a plant-based alternative to your favorite ice cream. Chefs all over the United States have been using our coconut base for creative dishes that we wouldn't even think to put together!

Pitaya, which many people call dragonfruit, is a colorful, yet incredibly delicious super fruit. Pitaya is grown on a variety of cactus species and is known for its ability to fight chronic diseases. Many people aren't familiar with this exotic-looking fruit, but we are here to bring the plant-based world a long-awaited treat! The silky pitaya base is perfect for vegan bowls or smoothies1


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Mango Pineapple Smoothie Bowl

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At Bonji Foods we understand that the food industry is constantly changing. Since our establishment, we have gone through various changes, yet have always remained loyal to our clientele. Our plant-based products are the vegan alternative to ice cream that you'll fall in love with. Not only do we serve the best scoopable acai, but we also sell coconut and pitaya products that are perfect for your plant-based breakfast. Originally a juice bar, we developed into a wholesale acai company and frozen fruit supplier. Thus, we understand what it takes to operate a restaurant, and are more than willing to help. We guarantee excellent taste, quality, and service. We've recently added frozen acai packs and have major plans to produce more than just the best gourmet acai in the world! Contact us to learn about our services and see how we may be of service to you & your restaurant!

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We are currently selling acai, coconut, and pitaya pints at various Shoprties within the Tri-State region.

Acai wholesale

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Since our inception, we have constantly innovated and are now a major acai wholesale distributor, as well as handling general food service.


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