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Who's Looking Forward to 2022?!

­­­­­­Food Aficionado Smart Brief: Volume 3


Welcome back to another addition of The Food Aficionado Smart Brief. Bonji is here to provide some of the top food trends heading into 2022! Although you may not be able to hop on all the trends, it will still be super important to have these in mind. We hope you may be able to implement at least one trend into your business concept and ride into the new year with a fresh direction!


Top Trends For The Food Industry Leading Into 2022:


1. Grab & Go


Everyone is on the go during the day and aren't usually stopping for longer than 20 minutes. According to The Bureau of Transportations Statistics, Americans take around 1.1 billion trips a day: that's four trips for every one person in the United States. Convenient snacks or small meals are still holding massive importance to consumers.

  • With prices skyrocketing recently, customers want to keep their costs low

  • Eating healthy and controlling their portions is still a top priority

  • Some affordable, plant based, grab & go recipes: Click Here



2. Coconut Crazy!­­­­­

  • According to Nielsen data, US retail dollar sales of cow's milk were down -1.4% in the 52 weeks to July 3, 2021, while sales of lactose-reduced and lactose-free milk were up +13.5%

  • Coconut has a large range of recipes or vegan substitute options, which supports why coconut has risen as a top flavor choice.

  • Tip: Incorporate coconut cream into your menu with coffee, smoothies as well as soups and stews for a creamy and healthy meal.



3. Online Ordering


  • Ordering food online will continue rapidly growing. With the younger generation emerging as tech driven folks, digital sales for your restaurant must be implemented.

  • Doordash, Uber Eats, GrubHub, on average, take 20% of sales from restaurants. As you know, that should be the profit. Address these large margins by implementing online ordering through your own site. Generally, most POS systems now allow for integration through your site with ease. - 42% of overall food ordering done online - 15 to 20% annual growth rate of online sales

Tip: To drive traffic to your site offer FREE items like a bottle of water with every menu item ordered. Although your restaurant will be giving away product for free, you’re still substantially saving more than you would with delivery services AND your customer is reaping the benefits.


4. Family Bundles to Replace Some Catering


Catering took a major hit this past year. With offices up in the air on whether or not they will return, restaurants must become creative when handling catering or large-order jobs. As a restaurant owner you must identify if large groups aren’t gathering at work anymore, where might they be gathering?

  • Families are more business than ever while being stuck in the house working and teaching their children. Affordable family meals can be a great alternative to busy parents who are still looking for a bundle of quality food.

  • Increases average ticket sales & help expand market reach

Example: Wingstop increased sales by 9% this past year. Less daily sales just increased average ticket CEO Charlie Morrison said, ““slight decline in overall transactions due to the loss of dine in, growth in our average ticket has surpassed these transaction declines as we’re primarily serving meals for families.”

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