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Monthly Bonji Updates!

Bonji Foods Monthly Update!


Hi all, welcome back to the Bonji Newsletter! Usually, we write to you with tips, advice, and much more involving the restaurant industry; however, today, we want to offer some insight and updates regarding ourselves as well. Here are a few restaurant industry headlines along with what we have going on this Summer at Bonji!



Restaurant Industry News From The Past Month

  • Fast Food Establishments Move Away From Dine-In Options Completely

  • The National Restaurant Association Show Previewed Some Incredible “Labor-Saving” Tech

  • Here are Some Other Standouts From The Show Other Than Robots!

  • The Restaurant Revitalization Fund Refill Failed To Pass in The US Senate



Bonji's New Bold Flavors


Mango-Pineapple Sorbetto


This spring, we introduced a new flavor with our Mango-Pineapple Sorbetto. With a tropical flavor burst, the smooth, rich texture is the perfect refresher for a hot day. It has been a hit as we roll into the Summer and we plan to keep it in production throughout the year!

Pumpkin Sorbetto


Although a touch early, we have begun preparing a delicious pumpkin base for the fall! Getting the right flavor and texture takes time, but be on the lookout for a new pumpkin seasonal line once the heat cools off.



New Team Members + Summer Plans!


Danny & Brian Bongiorno, Liam, Aidan, and Ryan have been working nonstop to ensure our partners are receiving the best acai, pitaya, coconut, and other smoothie bowl bases in the world! As we continue to grow each and every day, we've brought on some new faces to our team. Carly Bongiorno and Mitch McHugh have joined our marketing team and are ready to rock! This Summer, Bonji aims to keep our top-tier service rolling to ensure the busiest time of the year is as smooth flowing as it can be for our amazing partners. With new flavors, new team members, and new capabilities, we couldn't be more excited to be growing right alongside the best people in the restaurant world. If you think your restaurant would be a good fit for smoothie bowls, there is truly nothing better than our bases and service! We only want to see the people we work with succeed beyond what they think is possible.

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