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Growing Relationships With Partners

Food Aficionado Smart Brief: Volume 5

Welcome back to another edition of The Food Aficionado Smart Brief. Occasionally, working with new partners or clients can bring along some challenges. Not every relationship is perfect, but there are certainly ways to help improve your customer relations. These relationships are the keys to your success, but it seems that taking care of clients can often be overlooked. To us, there is nothing more important than ensuring our partners have the best service, product, and friends! Below you'll find some of the most important tips we've learned to always have in mind when meeting our partners.


Helpful Tips For Customer/Client/Partner Relations:


1. Be Yourself In reality, simply being told to “be yourself” can cause some nerves to flair up. However, being true to who you are will lead to the most meaningful interactions! People want to see you for who you are and then work with you based on how you treat them. Be respectful and understanding while you try to get to know this potential new partner. At Bonji, we've realized that just remembering a client's favorite sports team or city will really go a long way the next time you meet. Finally, don't be afraid to share your knowledge with others! Of course, don't come off as arrogant, but be willing to offer help or your expertise in some fashion if it seems right.



2. Treat Partners Like Family This is something we take very seriously at Bonji, we want every single person we work with to feel like we are their best friend or a part of the family that grew this business. Everyone wants to feel wanted by someone, and it's our job to show potential customers that we care about them. Around the holidays is the perfect time to get out there and show your partners you care. Drive over and give a gift to celebrate the closing out of a great year and the start of a fresh one. Another way to show them that they are a part of your extended family is by taking interest in what they are doing or what they seem passionate about. Comment on their Instagram posts, or maybe spark a conversation about a movie that they love. Be open-minded and willing to communicate through rough patches, but overall, show them that you are grateful to have them on this journey with you. Just the other day, a partner told us that “we are family," and that couldn't have put a bigger smile on our faces!


3. Carry Yourself With Confidence

At times, confidence can be a tricky topic to navigate. However, in business, confidence is a must-have. Be proud of how far you've come, and if you're just starting, be proud of yourself for taking that risk! No matter where you are along the journey, there will be roadblocks, hurdles, and challenges. Yet, those hurdles are exactly what you learn and grow from, constantly building that confidence. If you are working hard on your passion or business, carry yourself like you have the best product and amazing service available. That confidence will help you shine and people will notice it! On the other hand, try to understand that you may not always be right. Knowing how to ask questions and learn from mistakes is extremely important and you'll remember how much of a positive impact this will hold.

  • Know What You Bring To The Table

  • Understand You May Not Always Be Right

  • Be The Best Person You Can With The Best Service / Product


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