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Restaurants Are Taking Some Flavorful Risks

Bonji Foods Aficionado Smart Brief: Volume 45


Hi all, welcome back to the Bonji Food Aficionado Smart Brief! We hope the weekend treated you well and that you are ready for a new week full of new opportunities! I'm not sure if it's the changing of the seasons, or if people are just ready for adventures, but menus across the board have been expanding. Between chain restaurants and your local eateries, menus have been adding more and more. Adding some extra flair or trying a completely new dish has been popular, and here's why you should think about joining the party.


Experimenting With Your Menu Starting with just the massive chain restaurants, we've seen new menu items come constantly. However, there's something about right now that has chains expanding into completely new realms. Smashburger is adding chicken wings, Zaxby's is adding loaded french fries, and a plethora of other restaurants are taking a chance on standing out. Of course, limited-time-only flavors (such as Bonji's pumpkin base), or themed experiences are always going to be light and fun. Truly, menus should be changing, even in the slightest way, every so often. We aren't saying go out and fully remodel your menu every month, but adding menu items keeps things fresh without stripping away at what's working. It can be a complex thing in trying to predict what customers may be craving, but it's worth taking a shot and experimenting with your menu. First of all, you never know what might be a smash hit. Thus, why not give a new menu item a try, if it doesn't work, that's fine! You can brand it as a limited-time menu item to give yourself some leeway, but if it ends up working well, keep it rolling! We've seen coffee bars and other restaurants, which aren't in the juice bar world, take off after adding acai bowls. It's important to allow yourself and your business to grow. Additionally, a new menu item is simply another point of sale. As long as you aren't losing money on ingredients, expand and experiment with what you're serving. Maybe it's only a few days a week to start, but regardless, you should be trying to mix things up and keep your menu moving.

Menu Building

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