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Our Favorite New & Innovative Food Products

Bonji Foods Aficionado Smart Brief: Volume 31


Hi all, welcome back to the Bonji Food Aficionado Smart Brief! We hope the weekend treated you well and you are ready for a new week full of new opportunities! There are always new food products hitting the market, but a majority of them tend to fade away as time moves forward. It's important to constantly innovate and be creative with your own dishes, but sometimes new products can help take away some of the stress of doing it all by yourself. Today, Bonji has picked three of the newest food products that we believe will hold influence throughout the next few years.



Top Three New Food Products 1. Health Conscious Frozen Snacks - 40 Below's Coffee-Infused “Ice-Cream” We all have known Dip n' Dots for a long time, but the founder has created a new company, 40 Below, in honor of pleasing his wife's love for coffee. What started as a simple treat four years ago, has transformed into a massive growth opportunity. By taking Arabica beans and dairy-free creamers made from coconut or almond milk, 40 Below created a coffee infused Dip n' Dot style ice cream. In general, frozen snacks that have a health-forward concept are skyrocketing. Although coffee isn't the most healthy, the idea of dairy-free ice cream is still a large trend. Similar to Bonji Foods' smoothie bowl bases, which consist of acai, pitaya, and coconut, the dairy-free, health-conscious trend is only expanding!

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­­­­­­­2. Plant-Based Jerky Plant-based has been an extremely clear trend for a few years now, and we only see it elevating. Now, consumers have been craving a clean, plant-based “beef jerky.” Although it may not carry as strong of an audience compared to other plant-based products, this sun-dried tomato jerky made by Bella Sun Luci has just started to hit the market and people are talking. Not only is this jerky plant-based, but it also holds a strong protein source that is usually hard to find in this industry. The product has seen it's ups and downs throughout the pandemic, but with a massive company backing, they can afford to take their time in order to get the product right and ready. 3. Chickpea Craze In the past, we saw the chickpea craze coming. But now, major brands are hopping into the realm of pea alternatives. Flowing right along with the plant-based trends, Barilla has introduced a chickpea penne that is blowing up. Furthermore, many other pea alternative foods have been hitting the market. There are a ton of reasons behind this such as: protein alternative, plant-based trends, and sustainability. Maybe it's time you dive into the plant-based world and start playing around with chickpeas or other alternative products. “As a leader in pasta, we understand just how much penne is adored around the globe so we’re excited to give all pasta aficionados the opportunity to enjoy penne in a variety of ways. We look forward to seeing what recipes our fans create using our delicious chickpea penne.” -Jean-Pierre Comte, President of Barilla Americas


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