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Hiring Tips For Growing Businesses

Bonji Foods Aficionado Smart Brief: Volume 44


Hi all, welcome back to the Bonji Food Aficionado Smart Brief! We hope the weekend treated you well and that you are ready for a new week full of new opportunities! Growing a business presents endless challenges and hurdles that never seem to stop. Whether it's dealing with customers, growth strategies, handling employees, or just daily activities, everyday life in business is stressful. Thus, we are here to help alleviate the pressure with any type of insight that we think can support restaurant owners or entrepreneurs in general. Today, we are writing to you to discuss the hiring process and when you should start to look for a strong team to ease your stress. Also, we have a Youtube video with the owners of Bonji Foods coming out this week covering this exact topic! Be sure to subscribe to keep up with our content!


Tips For Hiring as You Grow Overall, there should be a strong focus on the team you'll build to help manage and grow your business; however, don't forget that hiring solid, everyday associates is just as important. Whether it's a chef, cashier, shift manager, or especially a larger role, trusting them to represent your business holds a ton of weight. Thus, hiring a strong team has to be a major part of your plan, specifically when aiming for growth.


1. Systems and Training From the beginning, every daily activity within your business should be a part of some form of system. Systems are a key aspect to any business and will ultimately help you focus on the larger things going on behind the scenes. Creating these systems should start as soon as possible, but often develop as you grow. This will also help the hiring and training process move a bit more smoothly. As you bring in new team members, everyone needs training or at the very least a short buffer period. One of the best things a new employee can do, regardless of level, is learn the business inside and out. With systems in mind, new hires can quickly learn what has been working and why. In addition, these systems will play a role in alleviating the busy work that boggles an owner's mind nearly every day. Of course, they need to be regularly monitored and updated, but in general, systems will knock off some pressure. 2. Alleviating Busy Work If you want to be driving the business forward, you can't be consumed by the little things. Not only are systems a great way to incorporate new hires, but also when things are running well without constant worry, they will help balance your time and energy. So first we have systems in place, like a daily accounting schedule or inputting payments, then we look for new employees or team members who are trustworthy and capable of handling that work. Instead of you sitting down to input monotonous accounting work for hours, you can be outgrowing your business through sales, marketing, and getting out in front of potential customers. All in all, you want to hire people who are going to relieve you of the small things, that are necessary but prohibit you from getting to the activities that are truly going to expand your entire company. 3. Calculated Outsourcing - Hiring During the growth stages of your business, you have to be mathematically selective in the hiring process. Before you go and hire an entire team, you have to look at what you need to accomplish. Think about how much money hiring a marketing manager may take. Generally, you can hire someone to full-time market your company for somewhere in the range of $50,000-70,000 a year. Now, look at what they may bring in. You have to ensure that whomever you hire is going to not only bring in that amount of cash flow but hopefully exceed that number. You are looking for the best possible return on investment, as you should in many business scenarios. And yes, hiring someone should be viewed as an investment. Set them up for success and pay them well, ultimately investing in their potential to grow and bring in money to the company. In the same situation, you may outsource a marketing project to a different company. But remember, be sure that your investment is going to good use and will result in positive cash flow down the road.

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