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Bringing Fun Back To Restaurants

Bonji Foods Aficionado Smart Brief: Volume 34


Restaurants Need To Be FUN!


Hi all, welcome back to the Bonji Food Aficionado Smart Brief! We hope the weekend treated you well and you are ready for a new week full of new opportunities! Not every restaurant or casual dining establishment needs to go all out creating an experience; however, sometimes, it's nice to incorporate some fun into the regular schedule. Of course, your environment should always be welcoming, but to draw in new crowds or even keep loyal customers entertained, special promotional nights are a great way to stay fun. The most basic idea surrounding this is “Happy Hour," which we probably all know and love. Yet, sometimes it's nice to have a “Happy Night” instead of just a few hours.


Three Fun Promotional Event Ideas 1. Leverage Local Events There is nothing better at drawing in the community than offering a special menu, deal, or entertainment alongside a local event. Whether you are officially partnering with the event or not, you can still join the fun! There are always opportunities to sponsor or cater events/parties, but this is a way of bringing the fun to your restaurant. Say a street fair is happening or maybe even a concert down the road, this is the perfect opportunity to open your doors to a plethora of new customers. Not only will the community enjoy their day with you, but offering something special for the big day will only lead them to returning and show their support. After all, who doesn't want to support their local restaurants?


2. Sporting Events When I traveled to Italy, a few years back, it was during the World Cup. Truly, I have never seen a community come together for a sporting event more so than there. In fact, Italy wasn't even in the World Cup that year, making the idea of them simply loving the game and gathering at restaurants even more powerful. You may not be a sports bar, you may not even like sports at all, but communities want something to root for. Thus, what's the harm in hosting a Super Bowl or World Series event? There are endless people and families who will flock to your restaurant if you have 20% off wings or beer for a night. You may end up falling in love with the nights of “the big game” because the passion and energy fill your restaurant. Although you may have a different crowd during the day, take advantage of events like sports games and liven up your establishment. 3. Create Your Own! This may not be a very specific headline, but now is your chance to get creative! People love a special night that is directly in line with the restaurant. Maybe you host a night where challengers step up to the plate to eat a hot pepper or super spicy meal. Challenges are a prime way to get people in the door. They may not even be partaking in the challenge themselves, but who wouldn't want to see a group of people going at it to win a prize. There was one restaurant I would always go to on Thursday nights because they would allow customers to flip a coin for the chance to win a free drink. Simple, fun, and keeps customers flowing through the door. Truthfully, with the odds being 50/50 on a coin flip, it's essentially a happy hour with an exciting twist! There are endless ideas and you, as a restaurant owner, should try to find some new ways to bring some fresh experiences into play.


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