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Bonji Foods Seasonal Update!

Hi all, welcome back to the Bonji Newsletter! Usually, we write to you with tips, advice, and much more involving the restaurant industry; however, today, we want to offer some insight and updates regarding ourselves as well. Here are a few restaurant industry headlines along with what we have going on at Bonji as we roll into the fall!


Restaurant Industry News From The Past Month

  • Restaurant sales on the rise! Posting the best month since March

  • With inflation still playing a factor, the gap between restaurant and grocery stores continues to stay wide. This has pulled more people into restaurants as they are wary of spending large amounts in supermarkets.

  • Customers are ranking quality higher than anything when dining in at restaurants.

  • Frozen treats and snacks like acai may be on the rise, but frozen yogurt has been declining drastically.

­­­Bonji's New Banana Base


Banana Sorbetto

This summer, our product and recipe development team got to work on creating the perfect banana base. Although banana bases are common in many locations, there is nothing like this scoopable, ready-to-serve, delicious sorbetto. Truly, it can be paired with just about anything… a flavor for everyone.


Mango-Pineapple is Here to Stay


After introducing our Mango-Pineapple base this Summer, the popularity has convinced us to keep it moving! We plan to continue producing the best Mango-Pineapple all year round, allowing our partners to have a taste of Summer, no matter the month.

In Other News


Bonji has been steadily growing, with 2022 continuing to be a massive year. While constantly innovating, Bonji still puts every ounce of effort into servicing our current customers. Every time we partner with a new juice bar, coffee shop, cafe, or restaurant, we are with them every step of the way. As we head into the fall, we plan to push forward and bring the best quality product, along with the best possible service to the entire East Coast.


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