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3 Marketing Tips For Your Restaurant

Food Aficionado Smart Brief: Volume 20


Welcome back to another edition of The Food Aficionado Smart Brief! Happy Monday, we hope your weekend allowed you to recharge and get prepared for another opportunity-filled week! Marketing plays a massive role in the success of your business. Although this seems obvious, marketing often flies over peoples' heads if they appear to be doing well already. It may even already be a part of your daily routine; for instance, your regular Instagram post. Regardless, we are here to offer a few marketing tips to help you bring in new customers or even make regulars out of current customers.



3 Marketing Tips 1. Tell a Story Stories have been around for centuries and are the main way information is passed along. However, storytelling has been proven to be beneficial teaching, learning, and marketing tool as well. In fact, brands have started using storytelling more and more as time has progressed. In this day and age, it's becoming increasingly rare for there to be a “faceless” brand. Companies and restaurants alike must connect with their customers and engage with them as much as possible. Thus, storytelling is the perfect mechanism to help connect on a deeper level. If done properly, a cohesive story will evolve alongside your restaurant. In turn, this will allow your customers to be a part of the journey and an emotional connection will keep them following along, hopefully supporting. There is so much branded content out there now, you must find a way to be unforgettable.


2. Market Your Team Again, it seems like the age of faceless entities is on its way out. Of course, major, established corporations probably won't be hopping on this marketing train anytime soon. However, for growing businesses and restaurants, showing off you team is an amazing technique to connect to consumers. In truth, people simply like seeing other people! Although you want to show off your delicious food or product (which is always great to do), sometimes it may play in your favor to showcase an employee or even yourself! Not only will you become unique and easily identifiable, but also people will connect to the person over a brand. Your team is just as important as what you are serving, so show them off once in a while!

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­­­­3. Have a Unique Selling Proposition Many restaurants have something unique about them that makes them stand out compared to the rest. Maybe you have voted the best burger in Philadelphia, maybe you have a special recipe for your cookies, or maybe you simply have an unbeatable environment. Whatever your restaurant's shine is, blast it to the public! A unique selling proposition is essentially the one benefit you want to focus on when marketing to customers. This is your elevator pitch, your one-line to get the customers in the door. If you feel like you may not have a USP, spend some time figuring out what you want your customers to benefit from coming to your restaurant. Once you find your uniqueness, show it off until you can't any longer!

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