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Take-Out & Delivery are Here to Stay

Bonji Hot Takes Volume 21


Welcome back to another edition of Bonji Hot Takes! Happy Thursday, we hope your week is going well and you are excited for another fast-approaching weekend. Since 2020, it has been very clear that delivery services have boomed. Although we feel like things are easing back to “normal," delivery and take-out food are here to stay. In fact, we say hammer down on your take-out and delivery options because statistics are showing that people want and need it to live happily.


Double-Down On Take-out/Delivery We've discussed how important having delivery options are, but let's take a moment to reflect. 60% of Americans order delivery or take-out at least once a week and over 30% use a third-party delivery service at least TWICE a week. It's understandable that you may not want to work with some third-party services because of fees, however, we think it may be vital moving forward. Not only are more people heading to these apps for their weekly food, but it's a golden opportunity to market your restaurant. In a busier town, hundreds, if not thousands, of eyes are scrolling in search of their next meal. You can take advantage of that simple fact and make your restaurant stand out, pulling in brand-new customers and keeping the loyal ones happy. At this point, having some form of online delivery/take-out service is an absolute must for your restaurant to grow. Now, take-out food has slowly been shaking its old stigma. It almost used to seem cheap, but today, it's simply a part of our way of life. According to Hotel Tech Report, 53% of respondents and 64% of Millennials say that take-out is “essential to the way we live.” Over the years, we've seen restaurants get creative with the way they organize take-out meals. There is the “pickup rack" style that is quick, clean, and relatively simple for everyone but is a bit detached, so depending on your culture it may not fit. Then there is the take-out window or side entrance. Overall, this style comes down to organization and labor, but when it's done right, your customers will be thrilled to get their food fast, yet still feel your restaurant's culture a bit (always a plus). Truly, nothing is worse for a customer than waiting in a long line for the food that they ordered an hour ago. People are moving faster and faster, thus, we need to try our best to match that, not with speed, but with efficiency. Never lose your quality though, especially when doing take-out. Maybe you have your own way of handling take-out that works great or you feel inspired to get creative, whichever it may be, there should be a focus here.

Takeout and Delivery - Bonji Foods - Acai Wholesale
Takeout Window Concept

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