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Our Favorite Fall Recipes

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Prepping For Fall Dinners


Hi all, welcome back to the Bonji Hot Takes! We hope your week has been filled with success and happiness. The weekend is near, but we hope to offer some value before the week closes and you are enjoying the time off. Is there anything more exciting than the changing of the seasons? Maybe you like one more than another, but there's something special about the feeling you get when the air shifts. Fall is now officially upon us, even if some of us are still in Summer mode. Before the leaves start to change and the weather gets much milder, we want to help you get ready to impress with some amazing fall recipes



Best Fall Recipes You Have To Try There are a ton of Fall-inspired dishes out there, but some recipes simply just top them all. We'll hit you with some classics, as well as try to amp up the generic foods you normally think of when it comes to Fall. If you'd like to try out the full recipe for yourself, click the links attached to each title!


Normally a pumpkin pie or something along those lines is the first dish to come to mind in the Fall. Yet, we want to help you spice up the generic pumpkin flavor with Taste of Home's pumpkin bisque with smoked gouda. You'll love the smell this recipe brings into your home, not to mention the richness and flavor explosion!

Bon Appétit's Best Apple Pie will have your mouth watering. A flaky crust, without the soggy bottom, and an inner apple core that will blow you away. This classic pie recipe may help you impress your friends and family as it truly delivers in every area.

You may think this isn't anything special at first, but once you give in to the Fall atmosphere, you may be craving this dish more and more. Keep in mind that the Fall brings about so many interesting vegetables that are just waiting to be used! You may not even stick to this recipe, but cooking with veggies is always a fun experiment. Specifically, the Fall and Winter vegetables tend to pack their own punch, leaving most of the work to the food that's already delicious. In this case, the roasting holds its own power too, bringing together the veggies and balsamic perfectly.

With a homemade pecan date granola, our Bonji recipe development team put together an incredible stewed apple dish. Super easy to make, while bringing the flavors you love and cherish every fall… not to mention Bonji's coconut is the perfect vegan alternative to vanilla ice cream!


A beautiful mix between sweet cinnamon rolls and juicy fruits that will blow you away. Traditionally, cinnamon rolls are a luxury reserved for a special dessert, but this new flair can bring them to the table whenever you want a sweet treat that won't kill your stomach.


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