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How To Make That Long Drive a Little Easier

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­­Hi all, welcome back to the Bonji Hot Takes! We hope your week has been filled with success and happiness. Writing this while sitting in an office doesn't feel too proper; however, I've spent plenty of time on the road and traveling with our drivers to have picked up some key insights. Whether it be driving across the country or hitting delivery routes up and down the East Coast, Bonji is well prepared for getting you or your drivers ready for the long hauls. Get ready, the open road awaits!


Isn't Driving Easy? Why Do I Need Tips? In the business world, delivery drivers play a special role that is often overlooked. If there weren't people willing to drive long hours across multiple states, you probably would never be able to get what you want - something that we have all been accustomed to having at all times. We all are aware of the massive amounts of truck drivers on the road, but even the smaller businesses rely on van/delivery drivers every day. Paying for delivery drivers is also something that can deeply affect your bottom line. What if the drivers need to stop more often than you thought? What about gas prices and efficient driving? Not to mention the possibility of something going wrong, but nonetheless, proper planning and some quick bits of advice could carry your business a long way. As for our regular lives, travel can take a toll on your body. When I drove across the country a few years ago, I simply wasn't prepared for those endless days of being stuck in a car. We essentially packed up a car and hit the road with a very loose plan in mind. It wasn't until our first real stop in Chicago that we realized we needed to figure out where to next. Figuring out food, gas, and sleeping situations, all while sticking to a reasonable budget was not as easy as it seemed.

Long drives

3 Essential Tips For Making Your Long Drives a Touch Better


1. Pack a Lunch Whether it be a driver you are paying or yourself, packing a lunch is a must. Of course, if you are driving for days on end you may not be able to pack days worth of food. However, the 30-minute stops add up over the course of a day. Maybe a quick bite while getting gas won't kill your timing too much, but you will lose money and time every moment you aren't on the road. Additionally, customers are expecting deliveries at a certain time or maybe you have an event to catch. Regardless, packing a lunch the night before or in the morning will carry you miles throughout the day. We aren't saying skip meals, especially because drivers need to avoid fatigue and encourage healthy habits, but try to get ahead of the game and save some money while doing so. 2. Plan Out Routes and Gas Stops This may seem obvious at first, but planning out routes and gas stops is essential to an efficient driver schedule. Spending the extra 10 minutes to optimize a route or research the areas that have the cheapest gas can save your business in so many ways. Create a route that doesn't make drivers go back and forth while taking into account how long each stop may take. You may want to save the biggest delivery for last, or maybe avoid driving into cities during crowded hours. UPS may have a lead in this concept, but they spend countless hours analyzing driver habits and routes to ensure customers receive their product and drivers are happy and efficient. Collecting and analyzing driver data will not only help your bottom line, but it can also create a better overall day for your drivers. 3. Podcasts Save The Day This may be more of a personal take, but podcasts have gotten me and my co-workers through numerous long days of driving. It's nice to allow your mind to attach itself to something while on a seemingly endless stretch of road. Whether it be getting a laugh out as you listen to comedians, learning something new listening to an entrepreneur, or diving into an interesting story, podcasts hold a ton of value for lengthy rides. One or two podcasts later and boom, you've reached your destination. In the truck-driving world, podcasts have exploded recently. While it used to be satellite radio or talk shows, podcasts have taken over as it seems they are an uplifting listen when on the road.

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