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Great Service Needs To Make a Comeback

🔥 Bonji Hot Takes Volume 29 🔥


Welcome back to another edition of Bonji Hot Takes! Happy Thursday, we hope your week is going well and you are excited for another fast-approaching weekend. If you want to learn more or look back at our previous tips, head over to our website! Aside from producing the best quality, gourmet Açaí, Coconut, Pitaya, and new Mango-Pineapple smoothie bowl bases, our blog has been ranked as a top 100 restaurant blog, feel free to check it out for yourself! _____________________

Although many customers may want that quick, no real interaction service when going out to restaurants, we are losing touch with what a genuine restaurant experience truly is. Of course, not all restaurants are made for a sit-down experience that will ultimately influence customers to come back. However, we have created a society filled with as little human interaction as possible and we, at Bonji, aren't too sure that's for the best.

­­­­­­­­­Great Service Needs to Make a Comeback The restaurant industry has been going through tough times over the past few years. Between being forced to shut down, employees leaving, and extreme price hikes for ingredients, it's amazing that restaurants have managed to continue pushing forward. Now, the average consumer is ready to get back to dining out and enjoying a good night with good food. However, this leads us to, yet another, sticky situation. Many restaurants have transitioned into a QR code menu, order on your phone, and zero interaction service establishments. Yes, we have preached about embracing technology and creating a seamless experience. Yet, Bonji stands by the theory that the number one reason people return to a restaurant is outstanding service or a memorable time. Think about the last time you had a waiter or waitress really make your night. It's a rare occasion at this point, but we think it's due for a major comeback. There's truly nothing better than leaving a restaurant smiling because you had the best service and enjoyed a great meal. Sometimes, the best service can even make up for a mediocre meal in our eyes. Maybe the chef had a rough night or the ingredients weren't as fresh as usual, but the waitstaff is what will keep us coming back, hoping the lackluster meal was just a fluke. This isn't just the “hi, how are you” type of service. It's when the waitstaff and workers are really making you feel like you are a part of the culture. Excellent service is not easy to come by, thus, when you find a restaurant that does have it, you will support them until you can't any longer. It may be our hottest take yet, but we don't want robots handling our dining experience. Sure, if it's a casual, quick meal, why not let the robots serve me fast. But when we go out to dinner or for a nice evening, bring on the pampering! If the restaurant staff treats us right, you can believe we'll be coming back.

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