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Fire Up Those Grills!

🔥 Bonji Hot Takes Volume 31 🔥


Welcome back to another edition of Bonji Hot Takes! Happy Thursday, we hope your week is going well and you are excited for another fast-approaching weekend. If you want to learn more or look back at our previous tips/hot takes, head over to our website! Aside from producing the best quality, gourmet Açaí, Coconut, Pitaya, and Mango-Pineapple smoothie bowl bases, our blog has been ranked as a top 100 restaurant blog, feel free to check it out for yourself!


Now that the Summer is in full swing, grilling season is here. We may be past July 4th, but that doesn't mean we turn off the grill! There's truly something special about using a grill instead of cooking everything on the stove, in the oven, or even the air-fryer. Yes, we love air-frying too, but nothing can compete with the taste of a grill session.

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Fire Up Those Grills! There are a ton of reasons why people grill: flavor, entertainment, etc. In fact, studies have shown that cooking on the grill is actually healthier than frying or baking. Direct heat provides something special to your meat, but let's not forget about those vegetables either. Although it's started to make some waves in the past few years, grilling vegetables is still severely underrated. We all know that vegetables are healthy, but sometimes just aren't the most flavorful. Occasionally, we even soak vegetables in all kinds of seasonings and sauces, only to be counterproductive in the health department. Thus, throwing some classic veggies on the grill is an easy way to get some extra taste without going overboard.

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­­­We aren't necessarily changing the game here, but grilling needs some more appreciation! It's the Summer, the weather is beautiful and families are out and about. What's better than keeping your kitchen relatively clean and enjoying some time in the sun? Whether it's your classic meats and vegetables, or you want to dive into some more out-of-the-box veggies, there's no better way to serve it up than on the grill. You don't have to be some type of grill master either; all you need to know is how to fire it up! Left the asparagus on too long? No worries, we like the crisp. Need a little flavor pick-me-up? Toss those sides on the grill and keep your kitchen clean. No matter your situation, if it's nice out, we want it on the grill!

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