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Don't Overlook Organization Skills

Bonji Hot Takes: Volume 6


Why Staying Organized is So Essential


Hi all, welcome back to Bonji Hot Takes, where we address some of the opinions and knowledge that we've picked up along our journey in the industry. We are here to offer assistance, stories, and hopefully some value! This week we want to focus on a key feature that often gets overlooked: organization. It seems like we all want to be organized, however, it never fully comes to fruition. Staying organized is not an easy task, yet it has massive benefits, which aren't commonly realized at the moment, that will lead to success later on your journey.

Organization skills


As we've powered through the years, it has been a major point for Bonji Foods to continuously evolve. One major evolution that we implemented in the past year or so was the emphasis on organization. The company expanded, both internally and our customer base, and we were struggling to remain efficient. Overall, efficiency is so important to keeping your business operational and running smoothly. Organization allows everyone involved to access information at ease and quickly. There's no time wasted calling each other every hour, asking where you can find certain information, and trying to find lost data. In fact, humans in, general, look for and excel in finding patterns, leading us to create an easily organized system of patterns. Simply by adding shared documents and spreadsheets, we managed to become incredibly efficient. Of course, we still communicate with the team and our customers to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks. However, the amount of time and energy we have saved by getting and staying organized is insurmountable. Adding organization into your business also helps during tax season, managing finances, or simply handling stress. Moreover, there is one more major factor that organization assists with every day: customer service. A poorly organized ordering system, delivery route, or even a dysfunctional list of potential customers can lead to difficult and uncomfortable situations. Your customers are the reason you see any form of success, thus, you must keep them in mind at all times, especially when formulating systems. In general, staying coordinated allows us to efficiently serve our family of customers.

  • Create a system or patterns of operations

  • Keep track of key customers, information, data

  • Creates efficient day-to-day communication

  • Assists when dealing in customer service



Final Thoughts: All in all, organization has benefits that will lead to your success weeks, months, maybe even years down the road. Systems that you implement today will save you real money and time, now and forever. Not only will staying organized keep you efficient, but it will also help you manage your customer base while ensuring everyone's success. Keep evolving yourselves, your business, and you will ultimately never forget what one small step may lead to.

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