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Bonji Hot Take on "The Reward For Hard/Good Work is Often More Work"

Bonji Hot Takes Volume 14


Welcome back to another edition of Bonji Hot Takes! Happy Thursday, we hope your week is going well and you are excited for another fast-approaching weekend. Today, we want to touch on an irony that has many sides to it: “the reward for someone who works hard is more work.” We won't waste your time here and we are excited to discuss this topic, so let's dive right in.


The Reward For Hard/Good Work is Often More Work Truthfully, many people believe that more work is not something they are looking forward to… which totally makes sense. Why should the reward for putting in extra time or doing your job exceptionally well create more work for yourself? When you put your focus on being more productive, you will accomplish more or complete a task better. This leads to your boss or leader either giving you more/harder projects or taking on more responsibility. Although many employees believe this to be a cruel irony, from either a high-achievers or a business's standpoint, this could be exactly what they are looking for. At Bonji, when we've delivered quality products on time (especially when given extreme expectations), the result is often more business. As a company filled with high achievers, this is exactly what we are looking for! Now, this is a concept that you may have to be careful with considering not everyone is going to be a high achiever. In 2021, Forbes interviewed a few learning & development leaders from top companies. They all mentioned that when high-achieving employee does well, they want managers to provide them with more opportunities and chances to grow. Eventually, they want these types of people to evolve to the point that they are working alongside some of the company's top executives. Clearly, this concept may not apply to each and every employee. However, the most important thing to note from the Forbes article is what Laine Joelson Cohen, director of learning at Citi, said about developing employees, “In order to make rewards impactful for your employees, it helps to know what is important to them. Knowing what they value, where they are looking to grow and how they like to receive feedback, will enable you to provide meaningful recognition. Having a stretch opportunity may be rewarding for one person, and another might want public recognition, whereas another would really appreciate a heartfelt note. Knowing your employees is key.” Knowing your employees is key. That is exactly what we want you to take away from this hot take. We may love the prospect of getting more work, but that's because we are a company filled with go-getters. Of course, not everyone we hire is going to want another load of work as a reward for doing a good job. But we understand that. The ones who are motivated and want to consistently learn or grow will be given that opportunity. Whereas those who are simply doing their job, and doing it well, won't be slapped with an excess of new projects when we know they just wanted to be able to take a Friday off. Overall, do your best to know your employees and yourself! Understand that when you are doing an amazing job with your business and succeeding, more work is probably on the way!

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