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The Food Aficionado Smart Brief - Volume 1

We'd Like To Introduce Ourselves


Hi everyone!

We wanted to officially invite you to join the Bonji Family! We are here to provide you with real life value for all restaurant operators! Bonji will be sending out quick and helpful tips weekly to help foodservice operators stay up-to-date in the food industry. Topics will include digital marketing tips, sales tactics, health trends and supply chain environment to help owners and operators continue to grow their business.

Our company, Bonji Foods, originated as a juice bar over 5 years ago. Since then, we've expanded into producing Acai, Coconut and Pitaya for restaurants and supermarkets and distributing throughout the east coast. We've spent a lot of time in thousands of restaurants, cafes, and markets throughout neighborhoods in the country and have seen firsthand what doesn't work and what does. Success doesn't come from magic. It comes from implementing simple tactics consistently. This newsletter is intended to share with you easy to implement digital marketing tactics, in-store sales approach to increase average tickets, new menu item ideas, etc. we've seen proven to work through our own personal experiments or brands we work with. As mentioned above, we came across your brand online having a great impact within your community. This email isn’t meant to solicit you. Our team is made up of passionate foodies. We want to see restaurants thrive. We hope to provide valuable weekly quick tips to help you continue on your successful journey of putting smiles on neighbor's faces from the food you make. Onward and upward, - The Bonji Fam

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