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Affordability is Delicious

Hi all, welcome back to Bonji Hot Takes, where we address some of the opinions and knowledge that we've picked up along our journey in the industry. We are here to offer assistance, stories, and hopefully some value! Today, we wanted to discuss restaurant experiences based on price. A lot of chefs in the industry are artists, they want to make delicious meals regardless of what the consumer is paying.



The Differences Between High-end and Affordable Dining In general, most people only go to a “fine-dining” establishment once or twice a year. In contrast, Americans eat out on average 5.9 times a week, according to Business Insider. Although this may seem high, this number includes a lunch sandwich or a quick bite to eat. Regardless, these statistics show the need and want for casual, affordable dining. Just about every day of the week, everyone is in the market for something delicious, yet reasonably priced in one way or another. Families simply don't want to be spending a hundred dollars every time they order dinner out, but they still want it to be satisfying. Altogether, this means that affordable food itself can and should be delicious. That should be the goal for every restaurant that isn't trying to be a Michelin-starred establishment. Better yet, if you are trying to be fancy and high-end, that doesn't mean your prices have to be extraordinarily out of reach. Imagine your favorite fine-dining restaurant that you may go to once or twice a year. What if their prices were maybe five dollars cheaper, would you go there more often? We would like to think that answer is a resounding yes. Even if that means you only eat there a few extra times a year, that restaurant is receiving more business and potential for growth. All this goes to show that extremely high prices may make your restaurant appear top quality, but it also only brings in returning customers a handful of times per year. Overall, we aren't saying lower your menu prices by any means, although it does have its benefits:

  • Attract new customers

  • Converts occasional diners into frequent visitors

  • Helps families or bulk orders

However, we are saying that there shouldn't be a connection between price and taste. Chefs exist to create amazing dishes, no matter what the restaurant chooses to sell it for. There's a time and place for expensive, fancy, and the absolute best quality meals, but it truly is for special occasions that come around a handful of times per year.


Final Thoughts: The food & beverage industry is filled with food-loving creatives that want their dishes to reach the masses. That doesn't always mean their best meal has to sell for $50 either; it means that affordability should be delicious as well. For us, we want to make every açaí bowl delicious and as affordable as possible. Additionally, we work with our partners to ensure they can sell their acai at a reasonable price, while still benefitting their business.

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