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Unraveling the Sweet and Snacks Expo 2023: Celebrating Affordable Indulgence

Bonji Hot Takes: Volume 74

Welcome back to the Bonji Hot Takes! We hope your week has been filled with success and happiness. The weekend is near but we hope to offer some value before this week closes and you are enjoying the time off. At Bonji Foods, we believe that indulging in sweet treats and delectable snacks should be an occasional pleasure for everyone. That's why we're thrilled to share the excitement surrounding the Sweet and Snacks Expo 2023, a celebration of "affordable indulgence," as presenters introduce a new buzzword. Today, we'll take you on a journey through this delightful event, where the world of sweets and snacks comes alive with irresistible flavors, innovative creations, and affordable indulgences that will satisfy even the most discerning taste buds.

Sweet & Snacks Expo

Exploring The Sweet & Snacks Expo of 2023

At this year's Sweet and Snacks Expo, vendors, manufacturers, and expo officials have spread a new buzzword... "affordable indulgence." Although many are trying to push healthier snack options, they still want that feeling of indulging. Think of your normal "self-care" day. Will you hit the spa? Or maybe take a trip to the beach. Either way, you are spending some cash in order to treat yourself. In the expo's eyes, you can indulge in snacks, that may or may not be healthy while spending little money along the way.

“Physical well-being is as important as emotional well-being,” Gindlesperger (senior vice president of communications and consumer affairs of the National Confectioners Association) continues. “Sweets and snacks lift your mood. They enhance celebrations. We’re meeting the moment.” In other words, if you’re feeling the least bit sad or stressed about the state of… everything, take a few seconds for a handful of cheese puffs or a bite-sized piece of chocolate or a sour gummy. Call it self-care, only it’s way less expensive than a spa day or even a scented candle. -Eater Magazine 2023

Another interesting topic is that it has seemed that these vendors have given up on the idea that highly-processed foods like their candy and chips are ever going to be considered healthy. They are feeding into the indulgence, no longer attempting to make you feel like it's a healthy snack, you know what you're eating. Profits are up 11% year over year for the snack industry, thus, why go through the trouble of trying to convince people of the health benefits of chocolate? Collaborations are also riding hot this year, with companies coming together that you would never have expected in the past. Collabs and comebacks (like Dunkaroos) was a theme in 2023. Additionally, spicy snacks are riding hot, with everyone trying to find a way to compete with Takis. Nonetheless, here are some of our favorite snack introductions from the 2023 Sweet and Snacks Expo:

1. Tasty Sounds's Recordable Lollipop Yeah we know, sounds a bit corny and ridiculous. However, with it being a winner of the novelty category, it was definitely worth a mention. You can record a message into a lollipop! Although this may not be for everyone, its a brief look at where technology and snacks are beginning to meet.

Record a message in a lollipop

2. Poshi's Steamed Vegetables Although steamed vegetables aren't the first thing that comes to mind when you think of indulgence, Poshi has found a way to create a shelf-stable steamed artichoke, asparagus, cauliflower, and more. From Bonji's perspective, we are all aboard the health train and this could be a massive game changer for the snack industry.

Steamed vegetables

3. Tru Fru's Parfait Poppers We may not be huge yogurt fans, as we think acai and smoothie bowls are much better replacement, Tru Fru dominated the spotlight. With winners and finalists across the board, their "Parfait Poppers" was a hit. Essentially fruit wrapped in yogurt, Tru Fru takes on a the fine line of healthy and indulgence

Yogurt snacks

4. Pop Crunch There's been plenty of popcorn-infused treats over the years, but this time it feels different. With another dominate performance in the awards, Pop Crunch created a blend of sweet and salty like none other.

Almond Butter Caramel Popcorn

5. Henrietta Said Jumping onto the main stage is this innovative treat from Henrietta Said. Flavored peanuts will truly blow you away. The special thing about these is the flavors themselves. Taking on a chicken wing assortment of tastes, Henrietta Said has lemon pepper, Nashville hot, buffalo, ancho kimchi, and more!

Spicy Peanuts

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