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The Brewery Explosion

🔥 Bonji Hot Takes: Volume 37 🔥


The Microbrewery/Taproom Explosion


Hi all, welcome back to the Bonji Hot Takes! We hope your week has been filled with success and happiness. As you probably know, we are an acai wholesale company first, but we still love to provide value at every opportunity that comes our way. Thus, we created these newsletters and blogs to not only express our opinions and experiences but to help the restaurant industry grow as a whole! Have you noticed the influx in breweries popping up across the country, maybe even in your hometown? Well, if you haven't, it may be time to start taking notice. Not only are these taprooms producing amazing new beers, but also their food is not something to overlook. In fact, some of the best food we've encountered over the past year or so has come from breweries!


Why Try A Brewery - With Friends OR Family Although not everyone in your family or group of friends may be a drinker, breweries offer much more than just alcohol. In fact, many breweries are designed to be a full experience. Some offer tours, live bands, amazing scenery, and astonishing food. Many of these taprooms/microbreweries are shying away from the party scene and attempting to attract the family-friendly crowd. When I graduated from Syracuse University, my entire family came to enjoy the weekend. Instead of trying to grab a reservation at the jam-packed restaurants in the city, we took a trip a little further out and found a goldmine of beautiful breweries. We had an amazing experience walking around the large grounds, observing the open kitchen, and enjoying delicious food and beverages. Generally, these establishments offer a variety of indoor/outdoor seating, with space for your entire group. If good food, light, and fun environments, and family-friendly dining is up your alley, it's time to give a taproom a try!

The Growth Has Been Immense


The growth of breweries, in general, has been unprecedented over the past 5 years. Since 2015, over 5000 breweries have popped up. Although not every brewery offers food and service, a large portion of them has opened to the public as a restaurant as well. Unfortunately, here in New Jersey there are some strict regulations that went into effect this Summer which may drag some of the new taprooms down. In my eyes, this is only making it harder for those who have struggled through the pandemic and are fighting for every inch of business they can get. Additionally, don't we all want new, entertaining environments to grab some delicious meals? Brewpubs seem to get a bad name because of the college or party scene. Yet, every time we've encountered a brewery, it has been nothing but a light-hearted surrounding, appealing to all types of people.

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