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Breakfast is Severely Underrated­­­

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­­­ I don't know about everyone, but for me, breakfast is often the key to a happy day. Over the past year, I've really picked up on how I felt on the days I had breakfast vs. not having breakfast. Even if it's the smallest thing like a granola bar or apple, my mood dramatically shifts. We've always been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, which I'm a firm believer in now, but additionally, we think its flavors are also underrated.

­­­­­­Why We Think Breakfast Deserves More Credit So we all should be aware by now that it's important to eat something in the morning in order to jumpstart your day and mood. That's simple. But actually enjoying your breakfast seems to be the stalling point for many people. Sometimes, we just don't have the time to cook a full meal, which is completely understandable. In truth, breakfast can be simple and quick if needed. A few examples of nutritious and delicious breakfast foods are berries, açaí bowls, or nuts and seeds. Some people even prep breakfast the night before, similar to overnight oats. Not only will these simple foods increase your mood and feeling, but it's proven that they will get you moving through your day. To us, breakfast foods can even be taken a step further and be the most delicious of all meals. We recently checked out a local cafe in Maplewood, NJ (True Salvage Cafe) and were blown away. We've been spoiled with amazing breakfast spots around us, but True Salvage shined some light on what breakfast can truly hold. A taylor ham, egg, and cheese on an astonishing roll, croissant, or freshly made bread is something for the record books. Even their baked goods made us believe that breakfast is easily one the most underrated types of food. Nonetheless, breakfast is overlooked as a whole; both from a nutritional and taste standpoint. My mind has shifted from, “I need to eat something small this morning,” to “I want to enjoy this brief encounter with food.” Do your best to eat a little something every morning, and if you can, try to enjoy it!

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