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"Summer Smash"

Mango Sorbet for smoothie bowls

Our recipe development team is constantly innovating, but mango-pineapple holds a special in our hearts. It was our first "new" product line and showed, not only our customers but also, ourselves that we have some special capabilities. This blend took time and effort to get to the point of delicious, scoopable, and overall appealing. Perfect for the Summer months, as everyone enjoys a bright and fruity treat when it's hot outside. Let's not forget, the sugar content mainly stems from the fruit itself, allowing indulgence to go without worrying that you are overdoing it. With flavors from across the world, Bonji's Mango-Pineapple smoothie bowl base is the perfect flavor combination to spice things up a bit.

Available in 3 Gallon Tubs


Length - 9.7"

Width - 9.7"

Height - 11.9"   

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