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Infinity Mix (2 Bags)

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Legendary Mix (2 bags)

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OG MIX (2 Bags)

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Variety Pack (4 Bags)

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GUARANTEED QUALITY- American Made, FDA Approved. Resealable bags provide the freshness for a product that has an extremely long shelf life. We ensure that the mouthful of this mix will be just as tasty upon the arrival as it will be six months from the time of purchase, but good luck for your bag to last that long!

Infinity Mix

THE PERFECT SNACK- What makes us believe and know that this mix is truly the perfect balance? Well, a bunch of things. For starters, this mix can be enjoyed anywhere, any time of day. Enjoy in the morning on your way to work, during a refreshing afternoon hike or during the post-dinner family Netflix party! This trail mix is as delicious as it is nutritious, so no matter the time, you’ll be left feeling satisfied both mentally and physically after you snack on this completely natural bag of goodness.

Legendary Mix