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Your Customers NEED You

Talking To Your Customers The Right Way


Hi all, welcome back to Bonji Hot Takes, where we address some of the opinions and knowledge that we've picked up along our journey in the industry. We are here to offer assistance, stories, and hopefully some value! This week we want to discuss the fact that not everyone who walks into your store is a regular. It's sometimes difficult to talk to new customers, but being inviting and friendly could lead to them becoming loyal regulars. The way you interact with customers is going make or break your business, whether it's a full-blown restaurant or a little bakery.



Doesn't it irritate you when you sit down at a restaurant you've never been to and the waitstaff expects you to know exactly what you want to order? Well it sure as hell gets under our skin! How is a new customer supposed to walk in and know everything about the business? Each restaurant has there own menu, ordering process, etc. In turn, talk to customers like they have no idea what they are doing. Of course, don't do this in a demeaning way, but offer assistance in a friendly manner.

  • “Is there anything I can help with”

  • “We're well known for the ….”

  • “I can check on that for you”

Whether this is your online appearance (which matters just as much) or physical approach to the customer, it is always important to keep their perspective in mind. In fact, 51% of consumers won't interact with a business after just one negative experience. In any way possible, ensure that customers are satisfied before letting them walk out the door. Not to mention, word of mouth may be the most powerful form of marketing; therefore, you only want customers to leave wanting to spread positive reviews. Additionally, signage in your store is key to customer satisfaction. Customers sometimes even feel uncomfortable asking where the bathroom is located, so make sure this is a clear path and sign for the restrooms. More importantly, create specific areas leading people to the correct location to order or wait for help of the staff. If there is commonly a long line of customers waiting to order at the register, create a separate area for pickup orders. This especially applies to the orders that have already paid. Not only will they be overjoyed to be quickly in and out, but this also allows your employees to focus on the customers or orders at hand. Also, think about adding curbside pickup back into your arsenal of ordering methods, as it appears the pandemic isn't heading out anytime soon. In general, signage is often overlooked in restaurants.



Final Thoughts: Overall, it's impossible to leave every customer feeling amazing and happy after their visit. However, if you can flip their day around for them by feeding them delicious food with exceptional and friendly service, it will be very appreciated. This may all lead back to properly training your employees as well. The hiring and training process is vital to your business. Specifically now, as employees are not only hard to find, but just as difficult to retain. Make sure your customers feel comfortable and properly assisted with your restaurant experience, because at the end of the day they are the ones truly helping your business grow.

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