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Restaurant Atmosphere is Everything

Bonji Foods Aficionado Smart Brief: Volume 27


Why Your Restaurant's Atmosphere Matters


Hi all, welcome back to the Bonji Food Aficionado Smart Brief! We hope the weekend treated you well and you are ready for a new week full of new opportunities! Dining in at restaurants has finally started to blossom again; and now more than ever, restaurants are trying their best to create a stand-out experience. We've touched on how culture plays a massive role in your business, which plays into the atmosphere, but sometimes you need that extra push to get customers in the door and seated. Today, we have a few tips to help you create an atmosphere that will keep customers coming back and bringing their friends.



Tips For Creating an Amazing Atmosphere 1. Bring in The Technology So this tip may not fit every restaurant's style, but technology has entered the restaurant experience just as it has the rest of our lives. Although TVs in restaurants used to be reserved for sports games or major events, 28% of diners want TVs involved with their dine-in meals. In addition to TVs, 38% of diners say music is extremely important and 31% say tech amenities are a must-have. In recent years, “barcades” have become a massive attraction. Essentially, these bars have a ton of arcade games or newer games to play as you drink or eat. Even establishments like Buffalo Wild Wings now offer various games on Ipads at every table. You may think it's only to entertain the children, but in reality, most diners enjoy some type of extra stimulus while dining.


2. Live Entertainment No matter how big or small your restaurant maybe, you should consider bringing in some form of live entertainment at least once a week, specifically in the summer months. Aside from keeping your returning customers entertained, this is a golden opportunity to introduce your restaurant to brand-new audiences. Maybe the band that you book has a decent following, or simply just their friends and family will come to support. This is the perfect chance to get new customers in the door and enjoy your food. If you give a quick Google search, there are endless articles listing restaurants that have live entertainment. People want something to enjoy alongside an amazing meal. You could even dive into different realms than just music, but bands are definitely a safe bet!

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3. Create an Interactive Experience Whether online or in real life, interacting with customers is a sure-fire way to keep them strolling through the door. Restaurants have gotten extremely creative when it comes to entertaining their guests, and the more interaction there is, the better the experience! Some restaurants bring in a photo booth/photographer, some host karaoke or trivia, and even bringing in a painter for a lesson has seen success. Stay true to your identity and try to

find out what your customers want to see or do while enjoying their dinner. One idea that we haven't seen, but think could do extremely well is having customers vote or write in their favorite dishes to create a new “customer-made menu" for one night. Not only is it interactive prior to hosting the event, but your customers will get to see their favorite dishes come to life in your chef's own style!

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