Are You A Restaurant Owner or Foodservice Operator?

Like our family, you've probably found a strong demand for plant-based alternatives to traditional menu items. As fun, innovative substitution try Bonji Scoopable Smoothie blends. As easy to use as Greek Yogurt, with VEGAN superfood as the base of the blend. 3 Gallon FoodService blends come in Acai, Coconut, Passion Fruit and Pitaya.

Seamlessly add Superfood Smoothie Bowls to your menu as a Yogurt Parfait alternative or healthy dairy free dessert. Simply scoop and top with your desired toppings to fit your restaurant's model. 

We spent years developing and crafting the first gourmet Smoothie Bowl bases. With a rich, silky mouth feel and antioxidants and healthy fats that will naturally energize your customers for the rest of the day, this is a can't miss menu item with little labor required and gourmet quality every day guarenteed.

Email our team at Bonji Foods directly with any questions or to schedule a tasting, we will respond within 24 hours:

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