Snacking should be quick and easy, and, obviously, DELICIOUS! Look no further than this delicious, low-carb recipe than this Salt and Vinegar Roasted Bonji Nut recipe. It’s packed with EPIC flavor. And let's be honest, if you're going to snack, we should snack with flavor and health in mind.


We’ll be the first to praise carbs. They’re tasty and make everything seem right in the world. But hey, beach weather is coming up fast and we need to pick and choose when we welcome the carbs.


You no longer have to bite your hand as everyone else digs into the chip bowl at the weekend barbecues. Within just a 20 minute cook time you can have the tastiest AND healthiest snack at your next barbecue with this gem recipe using your favorite raw Bonji nut.


We hope you enjoy.


What are you most confiedent about?

What are you most confident about?

I’ve come across a large number of people in my life so far, and I’m constantly astonished by how contrasting one person can be from another. I’m continuously noticing that certain individuals are very confident, while others lack this characteristic. 

Confidence is a feeling that you must build yourself. 

I have confident family members, friends, classmates, and peers who constantly inspire me because of this one characteristic they have. Over time, I’ve considered what I could do to believe in myself and recognize my presence of mind, just as the ones who inspire me tend to do for themselves. Personally, this is one of the most wearisome processes to go through. There are two big ideas that I’ve tried to focus in on when I’m feeling a lack of confidence, and I hope viewers of this will read these points and feel as though they can gain confidence in themselves by altering their viewpoints, in order to gain self-assurance.

I’ve noticed that if I want to become more confident, a big step to take is challenging myself. The list of challenging topics and actions is endless, from conquering your fear of heights by going on a hike on a mountain, to overcoming your shyness by starting conversations with strangers in public. Regularly taking a step through obstacles that make you nervous is the best way to feel more comfortable with who you are and the dreads that tremble you.

Another lesson I’ve learned is that we need to start acknowledging our strengths more, rather than centering so strongly on our weaknesses. Point out the positive factors of yourself, and realize that the aspects you strive in, others would be so grateful to have. While doing this for yourself, it never hurts to compliment someone else on what you admire about them, which will undoubtedly assist in their self confidence too. I believe that if we are trying to become more self-assured, we should help our peers in doing the same. Going along with this, I understand that everyone sometimes feels self-conscious due to comparing themselves to other people, whether it’s about athleticism, cooking abilities, grades on exams, or even body types. However, instead of spending your time analyzing how someone might be stronger in certain fields than you are, utilize that time by taking steps to improve the qualities you feel that you lack. Being comfortable with your personal qualities is a heavy attribute amongst gaining self confidence.

The only person who can downright make themselves feel more secure and competent, is yourself. I’m not sure when I will be able to consider myself an entirely confident person, but I sure am working on it, and at the end of the day, that’s all that really matters.

After reading this post, I hope you’ll think over the qualities of yourself that you feel the most confident about and recognize the simple fact that you should not be so hard on yourself sometimes. Be thankful for the person you are and the amazing characteristics you have.


The morning doesn't have to be stressful. To avoid the morning stress preparation is key. Use the recipe below to create a delicious and nutritious breakfast recipe in under 5 minutes!

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